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Menu of Services

Malakh Day Spa offers a broad selection of spa services practiced by accomplished professionals. Our friendly and knowledgeble staff will be pleased to assist in personalizing treatment selection.

Body Treatments

Yoga Sessions

Relax and rejuvenate in complete privacy while enjoying the warm breezes off of Upper Shoal Bay and listening to the gentle sounds of the sea.

Note: Marissia and Simone also provide mobile spa services and will make outcalls to your villa or residence by appointment. Please contact Malakh by telephone at (264) 584-7857 or email Marissia to arrange for these services.

Massage Treatments

1. Aromatherapy
60|90 min. $125|$175
The value of essential oils extracted from plants are historic. The therapeutic benefits, importance and medicinal value of aromatic plant oils are applied with gentle strokes to ease persistent conditions and promote a sense of free flowing calm and wellness.

2. Manual Lymph Drainage
The lymphatic system, which acts as a purifying and drainage system for the body, is put under strain when the body is injured or unhealthy. This treatment enhances the ability to cleanse metabolic by-products from the body, which in turn nourishes internal organs and improves circulation.

3. Asian Massage
60|90 min. $120|$160
A meditative massage combining Hindu, Chinese and European techniques for a rhythmic, relaxing and energizing experience.

4. Reflexology
60|90 min. $100|$140
This therapy focuses on stimulating reflex points on the feet to maintain good health. It is based on the theory that every part of the body corresponds to a very precisely located point on the feet and that by applying pressure to these points it relaxes and balances the body and helps treat a range of disorders.

5. Hand Reflexology
60|90 min. $70|$100
There are reflex points on the hands; since these points are deeper than the points on the feet, they are less sensitive. However this is balanced by the fact that having the hands worked on is very relaxing.

6. Spinal Touch
This quick and light touch technique contacts the energy systems of the body and promotes a free flow of energy through muscles, bones and joints. A pattern of touch points covering the spine, abdomen, shoulders and head are gently stimulated, releasing blockage in the spine and supporting organs and muscles. The effect is to allow the body to realign with its Center of Gravity at the sacrum.

7. Sports Massage
60|90 min. $140|$190
A gentle, but powerful, manipulation of the muscular system. Stretching and loosening muscles alleviates muscle fatigue and accelerates recovery. This treatment provides optimum nourishment and circulatory benefits.

8. Swedish Massage
60|90 min. $120|$160
This therapeutic massage uses sweeping strokes with firm but gentle pressure. The entire body is treated including the face and feet. Tension is subtly eased from tired muscles, while lymphatic and circulatory flow is enhanced.

9. Deep Tissue Massage
60|90 min. $130|$180
A medical massage technique that focuses on soft tissues which lie beneath the superficial layers of muscle. This technique promotes a deeply relaxing sense of muscular relief.

10. Purifying Stone Massage
75 min. $150
Experience the benefits of this truly luxurious massage. Feel the warmth of the desert sun in the heated stones, and the cool of the desert night in the chilled stones, both of which are selected from the rivers of the West.This is the perfect treatment to smooth away tension, loosen muscles and ease stress.

Couples Massage
Enjoy a couples massage and/or facial nestled side by side in a serene setting.

11. Couples Swedish Massage
60|90 min. $240|$300

12. Couples Deep Tissue Massage
60|90 min. $260|$340

13. Wedding Bliss - Special for the Bride and Groom
body buff, 60 min. Swedish massage and facial for both bride and groom $450

14. Caring Companions - for friends, family or any duo
60 min. massage and facial $360

Nail Treatments

15. Pedicure

16. Manicure

Facial Treatments

17. Woman's or Man's Facial

18. Charcoal Mask Facial
Charcoal is a natural form of detoxification and is great for problem skin, such as acne and blackheads, as it can help reduce excess oil

Body Treatments

19. Bodywraps

20. The Atlantic Body Buff
An excellent treatment for both women and men. The tradition for sea salts is in the ancient methods used to produce the crystals. Following an invigorating full body exfoliation that eliminates dead skin cells and prepares the skin to absorb minerals, the exfoliant is then removed with a soak in the sea that is high in minerals which are nourishing to the skin. Moisturizing afterwards is optional.

Yoga Sessions
Yoga sessions on the beach (or other location of choice) are available by appointment. Sessions are available on a private basis, or for groups. Call for availability and pricing.


Malakh Day Spa * Shoal Bay East, Anguilla, BWI * Tel: 264-584-7857